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Dan:                                       00:06                     This we on Erotic Awakening, warming up for a scene, sex down south, and really good sex tips for real this time, [inaudible] and non-standard relationships exchange in polyamory, sticker sexuality and fetishes as well as simply fun kinky. You’ll find shows on all these topics and all the things Dan and don at erotic awakening in 2019, we decided to no longer seek advertisers for the podcast. We enjoy creating recording these podcasts and we hope you enjoy listening to them. If you decide not to be a patron, we will probably keep podcasting, but when you become a patron, you give us a chance to apply more energy towards creating for as little as a dollar a month. You can not only support the podcast, but get access to special content to awakening. To take a look at options in regardless. Thank you for listening and enjoy the show. Come to erotic awakening and exploration of all the things around you are offended by adult topics or prohibited by law. We recommend you stop listening right about now, right now, right now. Hi Dan. This week on the show, we are indeed going to talk about a great question today, which we’ll get to in just a moment and later we have an interview with and we’re going to learn more about six down south, a conference down in Atlanta, dedicated to tasks and we have some really good sex tips. We have finally gotten to the point in our sex tip list where we’ve actually gotten some really good ones. Ones I think we should try.

dawn:                                   01:32                     Yeah, I’m kind of curious to see what’s coming up

Dan:                                       01:35                     as am I. I’m curious if you’ll be as interested in. I am, but before we get there, let’s go to our question of the day. This comes from Aaron j. A e Aaron says, Hey man, he didn’t lift a little bit. What kind of things do you do to warm up for a scene? I would assume warm up for heavy sadistic scene would be different than warm up for an erotic sensual scene. For me, warm up is all about establishing the connection with your partner and setting the tone for the scene. So Don, what do you do when you have to warm up for scene?

dawn:                                   02:07                     Well, um, I don’t know. I don’t do a lot of warm up so I just had a, I’m thinking back to a couple of different scenes. So the scene I had over the weekend at Kinky College, um, well it was a little bit of warm up as in we chatted with each other, but it wasn’t really a sadistic scene so there was no reason to warm up the skin or anything like that. I mean we chatted a little bit. We talked about what clothes he wanted me to take off or if I was OK being naked or you know, blah blah blah, that sort of thing kind of made that sort of connection and it was more of a central flogging scene. So, you know, some people when they talk about warm up, they talk about ramping up and starting light and rubbing and things like that. We didn’t have a lot of that going on, but it was still a sensual seen and I’ve had some sadistic scenes where there have been. There’s been no warm up at all. It’s been rip off your clothes, throw you on a cross and Yay.

Dan:                                       03:12                     I don’t think that’s what he wanted to hear though. Save me some time. I actually agree with Aaron that for me, I’m the scene, you know, regardless of the negotiated we get through the negotiation part, I do like to start with somewhat of a, you know, for me, warming up includes a lot of simply rubbing the skin, making that physical contact. Now it depends on the tone of the scene. I’m like, he suggested, right. If it’s an erotic scene than a lot of rubbing, a lot of bringing sensation to the skin, slow movements, attentive movement, paying great attention to that. Each piece of little inch of square of skin, um, and just rubbing and bringing attention and lights, fingernails, a light finger tips. I’m all that’s pretty good. Warm Up. And even for me for more of a hard core sort of seen, um, I’ll use more forced.

Dan:                                       04:15                     But it’s that same. Bringing contact, physical contact to the skin there. I’ll include more hair, light hair pulling, moving the person around, some, you know, getting, getting them to relax into allowing me to drive the, their body around, move it around, right as I get them set up on the process or whatever else to, uh, well thank you. So for me, that’s what the warm up it’s about, but it’s about, these are all, but these are both just techniques to establish that connection, to establish that, you know, to establish some level of, of topping and dominance that I’m driving this scene, you know, so a lot of it can be, uh, you know, for particular central scenes. Um, and, and I find I have to do this fairly often. People will start to undress once we’ve said, oh yeah, you’re gonna undress and I’ll stop them.

Dan:                                       05:07                     I’ll say no, don’t address. And I’ll push. They’re not, not harshly, but with clear intent, I’ll put their arms aside and I’ll address them sometimes with either direct eye contact or sometimes moving my body to that spot so that my, um, eye level with where I’m undressing the person. So from raising their shirt, I’ll drop myself to eye-level with their belly and as, as I raised a shirt, I’ll stand up, um, works the same way with pants going down. Um, so that’s the kind of things I like to do for a warm up, but just really whatever you need to do to establish your in a scene together. And again, you and I are not big pickup play. People were not right. Chemical players, right? We don’t do a lot of this. Hey, how about fogging you? OK, I will flag you. Here’s the robotic flogging motion. It’s just not really what we do a lot of. Um, so our, our, our warm ups tend to be somewhat more central, so much more connecting and communicating. I’m wondering if. Thank you for letting me ramble there. I’m sitting there since we don’t have the video on, you can’t tell them I’ve got my eyes closed and I’m picturing how I’m doing all these things.

dawn:                                   06:18                     Yeah. It’s kind of neat to watch. So watch you do that and you’re right. We don’t do a lot of pickup play and we did play with people at Kinky College, um, over the weekend and um, so like I said, there wasn’t a lot of that warm up with the person that I did, you know, did reach out to me to, to play and um, but there were still a lot of connection so I’m not exactly sure if I remember exactly what it was he did to create that connection except that we did talk a lot, you know, at the beginning of it, um, the sacred touch scene that we did. So you did that whole don’t let her address and then you did the undressing and created the connection and things like that. And that’s really neat to watch. So yeah, I kinda liked that question a little bit. It makes me think because I’m not, I’m not the person that drives the warm ups. So sometimes I forget, you know, the pieces of that that are involved. So it was good to hear your, your description makes me want to go play some eye gazing.

Dan:                                       07:23                     The standby. Just open with maybe that’s what your video is us playing instead of. That would be awesome. If you would like to video us doing a variety of things, you can get ahold of us in a variety of ways, including the web page or radical There you’ll find a contact for them as well as other ways to contact us, ways to say thank you. Where will you be presenting [inaudible] [inaudible], Linkedin and newsletter and all kinds of junk.

dawn:                                   07:47                     You can also follow us on Fetlife, so just find us as the owners of the fet group. Erotic awakening  two words and you can email us that way.

Dan:                                       07:56                     So dawn are. Our interview is coming out of Atlanta, but as I jump over to the new subscribers, to the newsletter, we have also found this week that we have gone seriously international this time around. We’re always going international, but sometimes are newsletter subscribers for whatever reason, if there’s a lot of international flair as well as some local ish people as well. For example, Jane Doe of Texas, m of Poland, Scott from Illinois,

dawn:                                   08:27                     Malays Shiho from Serbia link from Auckland, New Zealand and went to rim. You from northern California, and I understand northern California is a little different than southern California. People kind of say where they’re from

Dan:                                       08:41                     there is there. So actually we got a, a random thing from someone named Keith who’s working his way through his older, our older shows apparently in, in [inaudible] [inaudible]. We asked people why people in California always say they’re from northern California or southern California.

dawn:                                   08:57                     And the reason I wonder about that is because I’m from the eastern shore of Maryland and the eastern shore of Maryland really has nothing to do with the western shore of Maryland. Two totally different people. So I’m, I’m betting. I was curious in that episode why they sit northern and southern,

Dan:                                       09:12                     cuz w we say we’re from Ohio right now. It’s like northern or central Ohio. Little barely A. Keith explains it that California’s pretty fucking big live there. So people tend to say what part they’re from A. There’s also central California and although northern California’s the upper half of the states, there is no name for what is actually the northern part, it’s just a lot less populated. Um, so there you go. And this is kind of actually interesting. Silicon Valley apparently part of northern California in l a in southern California about a seven to eight hour drive difference. Wow. So it’s kind of Texas, Ohio you can get from where we were in Columbus. We can get the Cleveland, which is the northern part of the state and two hours or we can get the Cincinnati, the southern tip of the state in two hours or western east two to three hours Max. So I guess that makes sense then. So understood. So kind of use your robotic geography lesson of the day. I wonder if all the international subscribers are suddenly unsubscribing because they don’t give a fuck about. I don’t know. So do you, what would you like to say something in the, uh, in Serbian to are Serbian. No clue.

dawn:                                   10:33                     Hey, I just had a um, really neat skype session yesterday though with people in Ecuador which was actually kind of neat, has nothing to do with erotic awakening, has to do with my clergy stuff. Right. So yeah. So one was speaking Spanish and the other was translating for me. Fortunately this is the actual language he speaks Portuguese speaks. Yeah. So she speaks Portuguese, she’s from Brazil, speaks Portuguese, he’s from Ohio, speaks English, they both live in Ecuador together. Their second languages are Spanish and that’s what they use to communicate with each other. Isn’t it crazy? It was crazy to sit in my office here in Ohio and have a skype session with people from Ecuador.

Dan:                                       11:15                     It is, it is kind of cold. So you know, our to our, uh, listeners in Serbia and Poland and New Zealand and Illinois and Texas and California, we could talk to you on skype anytime you want. Absolutely. Go do that patriotic thing. And that’s something that would be awesome to add as a patriotic thing. So we just skype session and that. Tell me real quick about random, not random. Tell me about them. Substance Service. I don’t think it be in service to me.

dawn:                                   11:47                     No. Well, it depends who shows up. So substance service is um, an that I hold for a submissive to learn services, right? So, uh, these are things usually when you go to an event, all the skills that are taught or most of the skills that are taught are two tops on how to do topic things. So this is for subs on how to do service-y things. So it’s going to be a shoulder, shoulder massages, lap dancing, tea service, cigar, um, service. And I know I’m missing one. I’m a slave bags that a bat is doing. I’m doing meditation, so it’s an all day intensive for $35, plus I provide lunch. So on April fourteenth, if you’re interested in that, get a hold of me and put the link in the show notes. Um, but if you get ahold of me through Fetlife, so, and it’s a dancer, Ronnie, just look at the group owner of erotic awakening and I will get you the link, but we’re almost sold out

Dan:                                       12:46                     in one of the things that I would recommend if you are in a long-term power exchange relationship like don and I are. It can be challenging to give, to challenge your slave. I mean dawn’s fantastic anticipatory service at this point. She makes my peanut butter and Jelly Sandwich almost right? And she does all this other great shit. So this is a great way to push them along and say, well, you know what, I’m going to cigar service. Go learn how to give me a massage. So there you got to learn lap dancing if you’d like to learn more about power exchange though. Side note real quick. Um, I personally have found that fetlife for me personally, everybody has an opinion. I’m glad that I’m not.

dawn:                                   13:30                     Did they say Blah Blah Blah in Spanish too.

Dan:                                       13:33                     How is, what does the Spanish for Blah Blah, blah,

dawn:                                   13:35                     blah, blah, blah. Chatting with him in Spanish and then said Blah, blah, blah.

Dan:                                       13:43                     So, uh, anyway, I’m not finding fetlife to be the most valuable place to talk about power exchange. If you go out to the master and slave group, for example, regardless of what you post, you’ll get shit on, which is fine. You can ignore the shit or actually I just said fuck it. And created a facebook secret group to discuss power exchange if you’d like to discuss power exchange in the secret group. It’s not really an erotic awakening thing. It’s just, well, if you’re a fan of our book living in Ms and you want to talk to the authors, that’d be great way to get ahold of us. Uh, just toss us an email at dean and don and erotic awakening. Tell me what email address to invite you to and we will add you to our secret facebook group.

dawn:                                   14:26                     Oh, I liked that idea. And there’s actually some really good conversation going on on that recently.

Dan:                                       14:30                     Yeah, it’s been refreshing. Yeah, it really has. So Don, any, any food on boobs?

dawn:                                   14:37                     Um, I don’t think there’s any food on boobs, but it’s, it was there food on boobs because there was definitely some tension the tentacles, Ohio hedgehogs sent me some more again, and I like it. He’ll send some, like I think you may like this. And then the next one I think you really may like this. And then another one, this one’s just fucking hot. So let me send me links to these things. And then I don’t know if I ever mentioned Sushi girl giving me a tentacle pin, so I wore it during, we didn’t even talk about Kinky College. Um, we just got back from that, but um, I worried about my name badge holder and it’s like a pink and purple and Teal Tentacle Pin and it’s just, it’s really cool ice. So I get pictures and the pin,

Dan:                                       15:21                     I seem to recall that good witch of the north. And I discussed food on boobs and she said here’s some food on boobs, but I can’t recall if she actually put any food on her boobs.

dawn:                                   15:32                     And we ate dinner together too. So that would’ve been a perfect opportunity. Boobs. So I don’t remember her doing food on booths while I was looking.

Dan:                                       15:41                     I had a fantastic time with our friends, Johnny, Jackhammer and good witch of the north up there. Absolutely. Chicago.

dawn:                                   15:48                     I had a fantastic event at this time. I mean, we always do, but oh my God, they, they, they had a lot of people this time. So that was pretty fabulous. And we’ve met some old friends and some new friends.

Dan:                                       16:04                     Um, and I almost forgot because I haven’t seen, we haven’t finished unpacking from Kinky college tells you your life’s been lately. But um, so as we mentioned at the end of the show, Johnny Jackhammer actually has a podcast called sequential sex podcast, which is about sex as it shows up in comics and he’s got something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. I think it’s the way it goes. But, um, I was listening to his podcast and he was talking about dumb Doris or dumb daisy or something like that. And I was like, wow, that’s pretty weird man. I’d like to see that one. And he actually gave us a copy of the book that he was talking about from Tiawana Bible. Right? Yeah. So that was very cool. That’s fun to look at.

dawn:                                   16:49                     Yeah. We kind of sat around the dinner table.

Dan:                                       16:52                     Yeah, good comics. I didn’t get a chance to look at it if it was erotic. It was just cool. Like it’s like when you go to an antique store, you don’t look for shit that’s useful. You look at Shit. That’s cool. I was like, wow, this is really cool that the way they. It’s really, actually we got to get him on the podcast to talk about that, that the way, you know, we forget that nowadays. If I want to see, you can describe any pornographic image you can think of and I can go google that shit. I can find it on pornhub and I can find it on fetlife. You know, it used to be that you hand drew these comics and you put them in, staple them together and these little books and you snuck around at the bar and you hand them off to your friends and friends of friends and all that kind of shit.

Dan:                                       17:34                     Really Neat. So it was called at the time. Testing time. Um, so dawn, do you want to hear more of these? Sucks. Totally doable sex tips. Sure. And then we have to talk about Pax. So these are actually good ones. I think we’ll have some good ones here. Maybe slightly are totally doable. Sex tips have been totally doable with a random one. Every now and that we’ve done or could try. All right, here we go. I’m ready. Make a sex tape. You don’t have to be fame hungry. They enjoy the process of shooting a sexy video starring you and your lover. Just position your phone so it’s pointed toward the bed. Side note, we have a. We have a video camera right there in the, in the, in the office. Who Do you see each other? All between the sheets. The only thing better than making a sex tape is watching it together later. We use.

dawn:                                   18:28                     We’ve done that. We’ve got some small clips, not a full video, but we’ve got some small clips.

Dan:                                       18:33                     We actually, before we do, did we have a full video about this. I took all of our small clips and cable them together because if I’m trying to jerk off to watching us have sex and it ends every 20 seconds, I’d have to stop and reset this dumb man. I needed something. I needed at least three minutes,

dawn:                                   18:53                     some hot stuff with casual stuff with the tentacle Dildo and yeah, and I’m really funny because I’m not usually a voyager of other people. Not always I’m more of an exhibitionist but me watching me or me watching me and you

Dan:                                       19:10                     just walk in hot because that’s more of instead of it’s not watching, porn is reliving a memory. That’s why it is and it’s hot and you can hear the moans and the year to do that one again. So we got one good one like this one. Let’s talk about that all night. Have the loudest sex possible. We’ve done blah, blah, blah, blah. We have absolutely done that. We haven’t screamed our faces off and mean. We still have purposefully had the loudest six possible.

dawn:                                   19:46                     I don’t know that we’ve purposefully set a goal to have the loudest sex possible. Have we had fucking loud sex? Absolutely. We’ve had sex allowed that I was worried the neighbors upstairs would wonder what was going on because I’m crying at the end. Your laughing. So loud. Sex and the way it is is just kind of kind of weird. So should we have a goal of having to allow the sex scene that feels kind of contrived? It feels kind of fake and I don’t like that part.

Dan:                                       20:16                     It’s different from training yourself to allow yourself to be as loud as you naturally are.

dawn:                                   20:22                     Yeah, I mean be allowed to be loud that, but making a point of being loud. Yeah. That just feels fake. I’m

Dan:                                       20:29                     a performance triptease. I’ve kind of sorted than that. Maybe you should do one for me. I’m not. I’m not connected to that one. Yeah. I’m finally and there’s actually some really other good ones coming, but for finally for today, give each other a lap. Dance. Lap dancing might not come naturally to everyone, but it’s really not that hard. Just gyrate your hips, shake your booty and wiggle your boobs. You to go your boobs. For me, apparently I am.

dawn:                                   21:01                     Well, I’m having the lap dancing course and I picked that specifically for substance.

Dan:                                       21:06                     That’s something that we learned and disagree with what they’re saying, that it doesn’t take any skill. It may not come naturally. Doing it skillfully and the fact that you’ve went to learn how to do it at home. That’s tough.

dawn:                                   21:20                     Like about the girl that I’m bringing in for substance service is that she’s a plus size girl and I’ve seen her when no one’s looking like practice a move or two and she thinks no one’s paying attention and it’s fucking hot and I want to learn how to do it. Don’t know if I’ll ever use it, but let’s just be nice to, you know, one of those body affirmation. So the things. I think it’s hot.

Dan:                                       21:47                     So there you go.

dawn:                                   21:48                     The last one for today. Oh, I like these questions.

Dan:                                       21:53                     dawn, did you know that the, I liked these questions. Podcast is higher rated than erotic awakening moment for the podcast. We’d also on apple podcast, Google play, stitcher, spotify, or wherever else you listen or just tell your friends. So, um, fee we got to get off this thing picks. So we’ve still got a couple of weeks, may 11, 12, 13 is the power exchange summit. That is the event that you and I have put together as a reflection of our, of what would you like to see in power exchange relationships out of the stuff that we got from the book living with Ms. and it’s three days of power exchange classes. What is the new one that

dawn:                                   22:35                     we just added to the site that was just such a great name blocker, cock blocking and luck. Something cock blocker with a key. Oh my gosh, I’d have to look it up, but it kind of Ryan Cock block. Nope. I’d have to look it up or I can’t think of it off the top of my head. Anyway. That’s a cool looking chastity, right?

Dan:                                       22:57                     Yeah, we’re just telling somebody a, not only do we have master Brenda coming in, but we also have [inaudible] from Atlanta coming in for that fem dom perspective as well as uh, some of our favorites. Um, other dominance and relationship leaders be male or female or whatever. Um, so we’re really looking forward to that.

dawn:                                   23:19                     Yeah, we’ve done a lot of good people. We’ve got the international master and slave master, Michael and slavery and Gee, we’ve got the power exchange title holders, Kevin and Katie. We’ve got um, switchy butch and Daddy Kenyon, so we’ve got a lot of, a lot of good people. So I’m really looking forward to access this year. And what I would recommend is, um, is early bird prices still gone? Nope. Early last year, but

Dan:                                       23:46                     still, what are the tickets for this thing? Seventy nine bucks. We would just find some other very similar. Thanks for ripping us off. One hundred and 1,015.

dawn:                                   23:57                     We’re still keeping it cheap. And what I would suggest is even though early bird is over with, you’d want to get your tickets now before they bump up to the latest version. Right now, before the price changes again, and you want to do it before April eleventh because the discounts for the hotel, they end on April eleventh and they will start selling the rooms and our discounted block after April eleventh. So you really want to get your tickets now so that you can get your link to your hotel link and go ahead and get your hotel rooms.

Dan:                                       24:28                     Um, if you are, if you miss this in Chicago, you’ll see us in Detroit. You’ll see us in upstate New York later, but enough of that. So don’t, we’re not going back to Atlanta tonight or tomorrow. That would surely. Yeah, I did too. Actually. I liked it a lot more than I thought it would. Hopefully we’ll go back soon. There’s a new con. Well actually this is going to be the third year that con down in Atlanta called sex down south south who keep wanting to say six down under. And that’s not right. Different Con, uh, so six towns south. Really interesting con. Um, instead of explaining it here, why don’t we just.

dawn:                                   25:04                     Yeah. Because. Well, I do want to mention that it is, it is a sex comment and it’s classes and things like that and some of the stuff I saw was like how to kiss right. Those would be interesting. So yeah,

Dan:                                       25:17                     yeah, they have a lot of perspective of not only how to be better at sex but also from the aspect of sex educators, consent, sex, sex, sex, sex,

Marla Stewart:                  25:17

Dan:                                       25:43                     So Donald, not too long ago, you and I were in advantage, but what we did not know is that there is a conference in Atlanta called six down south. Fortunately for us, to me, Marla, one of the people that are involved in that a bit is on the podcast with us tonight. Marla, you there?

Marla Stewart:                  25:59                     Yes, I’m here. How are y’all doing today?

Dan:                                       26:01                     Pretty good. So what is your involvement in this, this event called six down south. And what is the event?

Marla Stewart:                  26:09                     Um, so, uh, I am one of the co-founders of sex down south. Um, it was founded by a Tia and I and um, it is a conference, basically a educational conference. I’m just around everything. Sex, so it can be, it ranges from, you know, a sexual health to, um, sex and disability to queer and Trans folks to, you know, I’m learning just about pretty much, you know, it can be kinky folks, like anything that has to do with sex and sexuality or sexual health. Um, the conference, we have workshops around that during the day, basically learned during the day. It’s a three day conference, uh, we learned during the day and then we have entertainment at night and you have fun at night.

Dan:                                       26:59                     I’m going to come back to the entertainment. Is it more intended to be an academic conference or is it more of a skill conference

Marla Stewart:                  27:08                     appear related? It’s more like a skill building conference. So, you know, we sometimes have live demos of a certain skills. Um, we’re tied like kissing workshops where people can practice. Um, we’ve had um, you know, hand sex, live demos, you know, so all sorts of different kinds of demos. But it’s, it’s mostly skill-building.

dawn:                                   27:36                     I’m liking that. I actually know some people in my tantra workshops that I do once a month that are super interested in learning skills and not just Yoni massages.

Marla Stewart:                  27:50                     Right, exactly. Exactly.

Dan:                                       27:53                     So who’s showing up for this conference? Is it more geared towards just regular folks who want to be better at stuff or is it more for educators that are running around there trying to learn skill sets to share with other people or, or what?

Marla Stewart:                  28:13                     Yeah, so it’s mostly educators, you know, wanting to learn different skills from other educators but also, you know, putting their, you know, workshops and um, their skills forward and then we also have a lot of enthusiasts which are, you know, so I come from sort of the academic background side. Its more like a sexual enthusiasts, right? So she’s coming from more from a, you know, wanting to learn different and new things around sex and sexuality. So basically, um, it’s sort of all those things put together. So we do have definitely enthusiasts who just come to learn and then we have people who are there to educate. Um, and you know, of course we have vendors and um, you know, the entertainment piece of it too, so it was a wide variety of all kinds of different people.

dawn:                                   29:02                     So entertainment, we’ve touched that twice now. What kinds of entertainment at night, because I get all kinds of things going through my head.

Marla Stewart:                  29:11                     Well usually the first night we have what we have, it’s called the little bang and that’s basically sort of a smaller event sometimes we have, we’ve had spoken word, we’ve had sort of, um, some dancing, um, some, you know, music, um, we’ve had some like kinky demonstrations, kinky demos, um, so, you know, burlesque, um, so that’s sort of the little bang Friday night is generally our mix and which is where you can meet our celebrity presenters and you know, talk to them, get to know them as well as the other educators that are there. And then a Saturday night we have the big bang and that’s our closing party. And of course it’s a huge sort of variety show of all sorts of different kinds of acts. So we raffle off things, uh, from our vendors for the, from the weekend and yeah, we have a good time. We dance on the dance floor, we get in our little, uh, uh, we, we have, uh, the black box that’s the infamously known for having some fun in. Um, so, uh, so yeah, all sorts of fun stuff.

Marla Stewart:                  30:46                     We do try to have someone at least hosts a play party, um, you know, so whether that’s in a room, um, you know, we’ve been fortunate to have a play party before it actually one of the conference rooms. Um, so we, we basically kind of give that off to someone else. We’ve had, we’ve done it at a suite before the year in 2015. Um, but, uh, yeah, there are play parties that occur but not a play party between, you know, 350 plus people.

Dan:                                       31:22                     So I imagine you have a lot of different people, you know, just the, the, the name itself could be taken a variety of different ways. I would imagine there are with, it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that you would have a fair, perhaps a fair number of swingers show up and say, well, Gee, I kind of thought this would be that sex would be on the agenda. That, where, where is the act? Is there actual sex at the conference and other than people’s, um, private writer rooms of course. But it is that part of the conference either by design or by it just happens.

Marla Stewart:                  31:56                     Um, I would just say it just happens, but it doesn’t necessarily happen on the conference floor. Um, but, uh, yeah, we do have swingers there. Um, but, you know, people are really there to learn honestly. Um, and they definitely do have fun at the events and you know, people probably, I’m sure people will do some, you know, random hooking up and whatnot. I wouldn’t be surprised. Um, but, uh, for the most part it’s not. Um, it’s not like sex is going on everywhere. There’s only sort of, there’s some live demos, but there’s, you know, we are, we have a schedule and we stick to that schedule. So, you know, in one workshop is up another one’s ready to go that people aren’t going there as a meat market, but if hook-ups happen. Yeah, correct. So cool. Yeah, because you have to remember like we attract all sorts of different people so it’s not only swingers but it’s Kinky folks. It’s poly folks, it’s black folks. White folks is, you know, everybody in between, you know, like lots of folk folks with disabilities folks, Trans Folks, Queer folks. So we really, you know, is such a diverse group. Um, you know, that anything could, uh, you know, there is a possibility of anything happening but uh, but it’s not set up that way.

Dan:                                       33:22                     Diverse Group of people. How do you get people to recognize that some people might not prefer the obvious pronoun or some people. I mean, there’s, there’s certain sensibilities that Joe Schmoe walking off the street may not be aware of and it must be hard to, to, to bring a level of communication and understanding that, that people will not, not only be comfortable but not be offended.

Marla Stewart:                  33:57                     Yeah. So what we have on our website, and that’s a really great question because what we have on our website, we actually have guiding principles, our love notes for the conference. These are the principles that we live by. Um, and so, you know, when we’re at this conference, we hand them out, they go into everybody’s packet, we make sure that everybody reads them before they go in

Marla Stewart:                  34:21                     and we establish a, you know, a safe space for people to be who they are. So I think that is what makes us very unique in that way because of our guiding principles that I’m Rowan who the part of our crew, um, put together really a sort of sets the tone for everybody else in the conference. So we come, we come, uh, to people you know, in love and you know, if something happens, which honestly the only one small incident happen on the very last day of our very first conference. And besides that, nothing bad has happened, you know, uh, you know, knock on wood, um, but we’ve created it out of love and not fear and we make sure everybody reads those guiding principles to understand what kind of places there

Dan:                                       35:14                     is. Atlanta, Atlanta, much so, but I don’t perceive Atlanta as being the most open minded bastion of a openness towards sex. But I guess I really don’t know much about Atlanta. Is Atlanta a good city for sex [inaudible]? If you would like to meet-up with a MILF for hot sex then you can easily do that as there are so many hot MILFs looking for casual sex in the UK so take your pick!

Marla Stewart:                  35:33                     Oh yes. I’m from San Francisco and there are more swingers, kinky folks, poly folks here then going home. So, uh, yeah, I think, you know, even though we are smack dab in the Bible Belt, you know, we have folks from all around the country that are here. You know, everybody is. Almost everybody is a transplant here in Atlanta. So, you know, you have a wide variety of people just from all over the country and the world really. Um, who come through and bring, you know, bring themselves, um, so it is, it is full of, you know, sexy people, full of groups, uh, that, you know, highlight sex and sexuality. So yes, Atlanta is a hotbed for that and well, you know, we’re strip club capital the world too, so if you know, a strip club capital of the world, we definitely got to have something sexy going on. So yes, it’s perfect place for people. Um, so one more question for you, if you don’t mind win, win wins. They’re going to be wins. They’re going to happen. I’m ready to go.

Marla Stewart:                  36:43                     So it takes place after Labor Day weekend, September sixth through the eighth. It’s a Thursday, Friday, Saturday. We generally try to have it in October. We’ve had in October in the past, but I’m just due to the hotels rules and whatnot. We had to have it in September, so I’m, if you want to plan a long vacation to Atlanta, oh my gosh, you would have a blast because Labor Day weekend they call it cluster fence here because it’s like dragon con, which is a huge con. And there’s like, you know, black gay pride, there’s like all sorts of different festivals that are going on that weekend. Um, and then we’re the weekend right after that. So we’re kind of like trying to get people to be like, if you come to Atlanta, like make sure you stay for at least a week or week and a half because most of them. But um, yeah, I don’t find more information.

Marla Stewart:                  37:37                     Yeah. So you can go to our website. We have our, we have a temporary website which is sex down South Atl [inaudible]. Um, so you can go in there and find all the information you need. Um, we’re working on our new website that we’re revamping our old website, I should say, um, because we want to incorporate some live streaming. So just in case you know, y’all can’t make it to Atlanta or your, your people who listened to you can make it out to Atlanta. We do have a live stream option where different workshops in our keynotes will be a live stream for people to get in real time. So that is being done at this very moment and uh, but yeah, sex down south [inaudible] they can find more information if they want to be a vendor or advertise or any of that stuff is on the website now and we will, we will, uh, and we’re getting ready for our sponsorships as well. And our partnership deck will be out soon. Colt Marlin’s been a to talk to you tonight

Dan:                                       38:36                     and I hope you continue to have fantastic luck and success with this event. It’s certainly a needed event and uh, where there’s certainly nothing, no level of a sexual education that we can, um, not afford to have right now. So, uh, just keep rolling around with it and let us know how you can help, how we can help.

Marla Stewart:                  38:58                     Yes, definitely. I mean in our, you know, our, a famous to rebel, you know, sexual politics and a new era, so, you know, we are trying to, uh, do our best with, uh, you know, to keep up with the theme, but, but really it is a, it’s a educational conference for everybody, educational and entertaining conference for everybody. So thank you so much for having me on today.

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