We have a great poly weekend coming up

Friday is Poly Speed Dating at The Columbus Space. So far, we’ve got 16 people coming and hope to get many more. I mean, everyone is always asking us, “where do I find other poly people?” so we created events to make this possible.

If you are looking for people to date, or are open to looking, Poly Speed Dating is a wonderful way to get started. Many of us don’t have much luck with the online dating systems. I hate making judgments by pictures or how someone writes….but I do. We all do. I’d much rather meet someone in person. I learned my lesson with the current boyfriend. If we’d read each others profiles first, I doubt we would have gone on our first date. So, speed dating to me is a much better option.

Or whether you are looking or not, the Poly Unconference is perfect. Neither of these events have any pressure involved, and the Unconference even more so. It’s classes lead by our peers. We don’t even know what they are until we get there. It depends on what people want to teach and what people want to learn. So, in essence, the event is built for the people that attend.

There is also plenty of social space to just sit around and chit chat with other poly folk.

I’m really looking forward to it. It will help tide me over until the next Beyond The Love Poly Conference.






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