Experience Junkies


We are experience junkies. And though Dan doesn’t like to use the word ‘junkie’, I’m not sure what word is more fitting.

We love to experience life and a lot of what it has to offer. Though, it’s easier for him to jump in the deep end for those experiences than it is for me. I’m more of a toe dipper. Sometimes Dan has to push me into the pool. But, he only does so because he knows I’m a great swimmer.

Because we like to experience all that we can…..we have moved a lot (in Central Ohio) over the last 22 years…We finally sold everything and are currently we are full-time RVers. We are kinky and love to try new things with new people. We are poly and love to meet new people, open to the idea that it could develop into something, though that’s not needed. It’s fun to listen to people’s stories.

We love presenting at events, meeting people, teaching, and participating. Producing events has its own adventures. Each kind we’ve produced…power exchange and polyam….has had it’s own challenges. Some of it’s the same stuff, but different communities. We’ve owned a small place for the kink and poly communities to meet at. We upgraded and were co-directors of The Columbus Space for years. We are writer’s and podcasters, etc. etc. So much ‘experience’ involved in all of this.

We love to travel….we’ve done a lot, domestic, but we want to do so much more as we travel in the RV.

We are currently in South Carolina because we’ve never been here before. It’s been a blast. We’ve been spending time meeting some of our patrons and podcast listeners. Great people.

We love trying new hobbies…..kayaking, hiking, backpacking, triking, motorcycles…..and we go all in for the adventure. Though some things we only try once just to say we’ve done it.

I even have a “101 Goals in 1001 Days” bucket list to remind me of all the cool things I want to do.

So even if something is scary….I try to be courageous enough to try it. Ziplining, I jumped through my fear. Though jumping out of a plane…..not on that list. I have no interest in jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.

What’s next? I’ll be at an event this weekend…..the first in almost 2 years. I’ve set up at least one playdate, with whips. That means distance play. At his point of covid, I’m happy with that idea.

We also want to try swinging again. The idea of this adventure is exciting and scary at the same time. Again, I’m a toe dipper, but I’m going to have to learn to jump in the deep end before Dan pushes me. I want to do this. I want to meet people. I want to enjoy time with others and hear their stories, learn about their likes and dislikes, what turns them on, who they are. That doesn’t make me much of a swinger from what I hear. Though I love sex, I love experiencing the people even more. So, instead of swinging…..I’m looking for friends with benefits. That’s going to be an adventure in and of itself.

Hard to believe with us being introverts huh? Sometimes we do have to push ourselves forward, but the experiences are worth it.





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