Presenting for Wicked Grounds on Nov. 30th – Building a Powerful Power Exchange Relationship

Dan and I will once again have the honor of teaching a class online for Wicked Grounds, November 30th !! Woot!

More info can be found here —>

This time, we’ll be presenting on how to build a powerful power exchange relationship.

Dan and I teach from personal experience, not theory. So, we’ll be sharing what has worked for us over the last couple of decades. How did we build our power exchange relationship? What mistakes did we make along the way? How do we communicate around tough topics?

For us, even though we really loved the idea of being Dom/sub, it was a difficult transition from non-power exchange to D/s lite to Total power exchange. We didn’t have any role models and this was before getting on the internet was more common. It was way before Fetlife. We had to depend on bulletin boards and other types of chat channels.

Once we found a kink community, we still didn’t find much support with a power exchange lifestyle. But, we made it work. We kept trying and pushing forward.

We are storytellers and will share a lot of stories and tips and tricks on how to build your PE foundation.

Please come out, online, and help support Wicked Grounds, a space (in San Francisco) where kinksters and other cultural revolutionaries can gather, cross-pollinate and build community.

We hope you can join us!!
Dan and dawn


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