Two new classes

Two new classes @dansarani and I are working on and are prepping to test drive!

Mash-Up! Managing multiple power exchange partnerships
Sheila has a sub. And a slave. The slave is also a switch. A switch that tops a puppy. A puppy who owns a boi. A boi who dates Sheila. Join Dan & dawn, who between them have a variety of power exchange (as well as polyamorous and vanilla) relationships as they discuss tools to help navigate multiple partner power exchange and alt relationships. The answer might start with time management and physical logistics, but heart management and sexy logistics need to be accounted for too!

Alchemy: Turn Jealousy Into Compersion
When things are quiet, we believe in polyamory. Unlimited love, compassion, sharing, our partner’s happiness. And then we see them with another partner and it suddenly all comes crashing around us – jealousy, anger, fear. We want polyamory…but how do we create that feeling of compersion we know we are capable of? Join Dan & dawn, authors of The Polyamory Toolkit, as they talk about tools you can apply to cultivate compersion and joy.


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