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  • Kink & Power Exchange is my Fetish

    I was talking to a University class recently about Kink and Polyamory. During the discussion, they taught me something about myself. While they were trying to understand the difference between kink/fetish and what I got out of kink. They simplified it nicely. I’ve known this….but the way they made it simple was great. …..we were […]

  • Jealousy vs. Envy

    Recently on the Erotic Awakening Podcast (, Dan and I talked about jealousy vs. envy. For me, I expressed how jealousy has always been a negative emotion for me. Not only do I want what my partner has, I don’t want them to have it. (partner or meta or whomever) My emotions usually feel out […]

  • How to Follow – Helping a Leader find their seat of power

    Believe it or not, not all Leaders come into their relationships full of confidence and know-how. Dan sure didn’t. I was his first submissive. He was my first Dominant. We learned this dance together. He did a great job showing a face of confidence, and taking risks that proved fruitful for our dynamic. But, there […]

  • 2 Styles of Power Exchange Relationships

    There are many different styles of Power Exchange Relationships.    2 of the styles we talk about in ‘Hearts and Collars’ is Co-op and Military. Various other names can be used for these styles, but these are the ones we are using in the book.  These are the 2 styles we see the most… Co-op […]

  • Ordeal Rituals in Power Exchange

      In our newest book, “[Hearts and Collars](”, we talk about the importance of ordeal rituals in our power exchange dynamic. We also discussed this during the Book Club of MAsT: San Diego last night. ********************************* For us, these ordeal rituals are a rite a passage. An ‘earning’ of the roles we are about to […]

  • The First Tool – Polyamory

      From ‘The Polyamory Toolkit” by Dan Williams and Dawn Williams (2019)   TOOL #1 – DEVELOPING YOUR WHY   Dan says…   I can certainly recall more than once shaking my head and wondering “Why am I even bothering with this poly thing!?” The first time Dawn went on a date with another person […]

  • April Presentations

    April Let’s Chat! With our Patrons – Polyamory (Zoom) Sunday April 3, 6pm EDT   ONLINE – TES Presents: Power Exchange, Polyamory, and Potential w/Dan and dawn Tuesday April 5, 7pm – 10pm EDT   sub/slave/follower Chat (Zoom) What about this dynamic and being a sub/slave/follower empowers you as a person? Tuesday, April […]

  • Self Publishing – Next Power Exchange Book – Turning our Polyam books into audiobooks

    Self Publishing – Next Power Exchange Book – Turning our Polyam books into audiobooks   Eleven years ago when we had ‘Living M/s’ published…..self-publishing was complicated and not common. We had thought of self-publishing, but a publisher reached out to us when they heard Dr. Bob was writing the forward. So, yay!!! our first book […]

  • A Weekend at Kinky Kollege

    A weekend at Kinky Kollege Oh my! What a much needed weekend!! Much much much needed! Exactly 2 years ago since our last event! And even that one didn’t have naked people. So, it’s been longer than 2 years. As an introvert, and covid paranoid….I thought I’d spend most of my time in my hotel […]

  • Permission Based Relationship

    While we were interviewing someone for the podcast a the other night, they used a descriptor that I  hadn’t heard of before in the years we’ve been living power exchange: a permission based relationship.    Well, that resonated with me. A permission based relationship. I had never thought of our relationship in those terms, but […]