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  • Ordeal Rituals – Collaring Ceremonies

    We’ve had a lot of people ask us lately about collarings and ordeal rituals (both with collarings and in general). Obviously collarings come in all shapes and sizes…..we’ve been talking about them on the podcast recently and during an interview with Kuldrin’s Krypt. Episode 634 – Collaring Ceremonies Episode 418 – Collarings This is where […]

  • Ordeal Rituals in Power Exchange

      In our newest book, “[Hearts and Collars](www.heartsandcollars.com)”, we talk about the importance of ordeal rituals in our power exchange dynamic. We also discussed this during the Book Club of MAsT: San Diego last night. ********************************* For us, these ordeal rituals are a rite a passage. An ‘earning’ of the roles we are about to […]