Month: June 2018

  • I am a strong stubborn independent woman and also is a submissive

    “I sometimes have a hard time balancing and communicating my needs. I am a strong stubborn, independent woman and also is a submissive. So sometimes I want to lead and do what I want. Other times I want my partner to take charge” dawn:                   We’ve been together for 18 years and with our dynamic, I […]

  • Nature vs Nurture

    Dan:                       One of the most sought after topics here on the erotic awakening podcast is the idea is his kink nature or is it nurture? And I’m smart enough to know that I don’t even understand the question, but I am lucky to know smart people today on the podcast we have Kya, who after […]

  • I was curious how far I could go on a single tank…

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  • EA459 – Nature vs Nurture and Strong Willed Slaves

    This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast Dan and dawn talk with k/Kya on if BDSM and kink are nature or are they nurture? Plus they answer a question of the day for strong, stubborn, independent and submissive.  PLUS they discuss go-to masturbation fantasy, what kind of porn turns them on from different sites online, and having sex with your eyes […]

  • polyamory weekend

    By dansarani The weekend was full of meeting some great poly people! We led a Polyamory Speed Dating event Friday evening which had 36 people getting to know each other in 5-minute increments. I did get to talk to a few. Awesome people. Then, Saturday it was an all-day Polyamory Unconference. 40 people teaching each […]

  • add a person or add a role?

    If you looking for another partner (be it you are single or if you are poly) you might start from the perspective of if you are looking to add a new person to your life, or if you are looking for a role that you want to be filled. Is either scenario approach better? Or, […]

  • EA458 – Gifts for Kinky People and People or Roles

    This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast Dan and dawn talk the perfect gift for kinky people! Plus they talk about adding new relationships – should you look for a specific person or a specific role? PLUS things to never type in your web browser,  have you ever kissed someone of the same sex, what inspires you to make […]

  • We have a great poly weekend coming up

    Friday is Poly Speed Dating at The Columbus Space. So far, we’ve got 16 people coming and hope to get many more. I mean, everyone is always asking us, “where do I find other poly people?” so we created events to make this possible. If you are looking for people to date, or are open […]

  • EA457 – Sub vs Slave and Quickees and slaves disobey

    This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast Dan and dawn talk about if it is ever ok for slaves to disobey. Plus they talk about the differences between subs and slaves. PLUS favorite quickee and do we remember the names of people I’ve slept with. Tags? Oh yea we got tags! #bdsm #podcast Don’t miss an episode! […]