Month: September 2021

  • EA583 – Spankos

    This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast Dan and dawn are joined by the Spankos Podcast, bringing you not one show but two! We talk about…spanking!  Find the Spankos at Become a Patron! Listen, download, subscribe

  • EA582 – Pink Kink

  • EA581 – Fitness and Authority Transfer

    This week Kevin and Katie take over as hosts of the podcast as a reward for being the 100th Patron. They explain the dynamic of their relationship and reveal that they call it “Authority Transfer” and use the roles leader/follower rather than Master/slave and other similar terms. They go further on to highlight they diligently […]

  • sRTs – Submissive Roundtable Benefits for those in Power Exchange Relationships

    One of the things that I highly recommend to people is to surround yourself with like minded people. If you are poly, join a poly group. If you are power exchange, join a power exchange group, etc. And preferably one that meets in person, not just a fet or fb group online. So, I prefer […]

  • Power Exchange and Depression

    A tough subject……and one that I’ve experienced many times over the last 20 years. Sometimes it’s me, as the follower, experiencing one of my depressive cycles. Sometimes it’s Dan, my leader, going through something situational. So, how do you survive depression in a power exchange relationship? It can be hard some days. I used to […]

  • EA580 – Restraint with Rope and Cheating

    Cheating On this episode Dan and Dawn discuss the topic of cheating, their experience with it from previous marriages and what could be considered “cheating” in a polyamorous relationship. Is cheating on your partner ever justified under certain circumstances? Could these circumstances truly be considered legitimate? Dawn shares a story of a peculiar situation with […]

  • EA579 – Cockoldress

    This week Dan and Dawn try out a heating gel from Promescent. Dan rubs it in on Dawn real good and she describes how it feels and gives her honest review of it. Then they welcome Venus Cuckoldress, a blogger and podcaster specializing in cuckolding to talk about and explain what is cuckolding and some […]