Month: February 2021

  • EA557 – The Dominant Flex

    This week on a live Erotic Awakening Podcast Dan and dawn talk about the Dominant flex – or how to avoid being an ass.  Become a Patron! Check out this episode! Listen, download, subscribe Apple      Google   Spotify RSS Feed @

  • Farming your relationship

    Dan says… In talking with two friends just starting an M/s relationship with each other, I tried to share withthem the need to balance the active process of building the relationship with the passive concept ofsimply letting the relationship take its course. Think of it as cultivating the relationship; when youthink of cultivating, think of […]

  • The day in the life of a submissive

    (note: D/s, M/s, Authority Transfer and Power Exchange used interchangeably. We started as D/s, moved to M/s, then the term Power Exchange became popular and now ‘Authority Transfer’ seems to be the new term for what we do) When Dan and i decided to create our life/relationship, more than 2 decades ago….we had been spending […]

  • EA556 – Advanced Submission

    This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast Dan and dawn talk about what it is like to be a submissive or slave with 20 years (real) experience. Are things just easy now? Is it even interesting anymore?  Plus they talk with Robert Rubel and The Goddess Indigo on their new fantastic book Safe, Sexy & […]

  • Available! Polyamory Dating Guide

    Love is Abundant…if You Know Where to Look Realizing that you are polyamorous can be a wonderful insight. It may feel like a solution to a long term feeling that you never fit in with monogamous models. Or it could have been a ‘team decision’ that you have more than enough love to include others. […]

  • Poly and Dating Over 40 – from The Polyamory Dating Guide by Dan and dawn

    I was on a zoom call this morning with my much younger girlfriend….and was telling her about this guy that was interested in me, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to follow through with it, because he reminded me of someone else. And though I have good times with that someone else, he also provides […]

  • New Relationship Energy …or lack thereof…aka DemiSexual

    So, for years I’ve been thinking that I must just be weird….for many reasons. But, this one in particular. I don’t experience NRE. The only time I’ve come close is my first boyfriend in high school. It was at church camp of all places and I could tell he was different. My cousins set me […]

  • EA555 – Collar Guilt

    This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast Dan and dawn talk about how to get passed collar guilt.  Plus they have a great conversation with Devyn Stone on Pragmatically Kinking and the Thrive event!  PLUS why dawn is stalking the postman!  Check out this episode! Become a Patron! Listen, download, subscribe RSS Feed @

  • Dan and dawn busy in February!

      Take your pick! or join them all! We’d love to see you 🙂 Friday, Feb. 5, 7pm est – PK Presents: Guide to Polyamory Dating –> Sunday, Feb. 7, 6pm est – Sensual BDSM —> Wednesday, Feb. 10, noon est – Eros Gathering – Sacred Sexuality: A Beginner’s Guide –> Thursday, […]

  • Sensual BDSM – zoom Feb. 7th 6pm EST

    Dan and i present on a lot of topics….but one of my favorites is when we talk about sensuality, bringing connection to a scene. Whether it’s our ‘Sensual Humiliation’, ‘Sensual Spanking’, or ‘Sensual BDSM’ class…..I love them all. 🙂 This Sunday, we’ll be zooming ‘Sensual BDSM’. It’s the class for those that want more from […]